Managing Volunteers, Thursday 7th February

This training is for anybody involved in the recruitment and management of volunteers. We wil explore what motivates volunteers, how we can make them feel valued, and how to effectively communicate with them to keep them engaged. There will also be an opportunity to look at how we might handle difficult situations in a positive way.

This training will be delivered by Susi Calder, Volunteer Development Manager at Spark Somerset.

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Working with Young Volunteers, Thursday 13th February

Do you work with young volunteers? Join us for this interesting, informative training session where we will look at:

  • What motivates young people to volunteer and how to encourage them to do so.
  • What policies and procedures should be in place before taking on young volunteers.
  • What makes young volunteers different and how their needs can be met.
  • Ideas for what makes a good volunteering opportunity for a young people.

This training will be delivered by Helen Fielden, Volunteer Frome Coordinator.

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