Volunteer of the Month

This month we’re celebrating the efforts of the SOS Frome volunteers, who, on a particularly wet weekend earlier this month, managed to achieve their aim of grubbing out the majority of bramble roots in an area of Whatcombe Fields

SOS Frome is a community movement, and the recent bramble clearance was the latest effort in their mission to protect Whatcombe Fields, an important green space in our town. Group organiser, Jimm Yarrow, described the difference volunteers make to the group:

“The assistance given by the whole group of volunteers, and others on previous occasions, for specific manual tasks, helps to return the fields to a manageable state, which improves cattle grazing and the encourages the growth of wildflowers. Without the help of volunteers, it would be extremely difficult to improve or even maintain the agricultural ability of our fields.”

Volunteer Mark Pattinson took part in the recent bramble clearing session, it was his first time volunteering with SOS Frome. He said:

“It was great to spend a few hours doing something useful and fulfilling and also beneficial to the community that uses Whatcombe Fields. It was great to be made most welcome, to meet other friendly people who supplied me with not only work gloves, but also tips on other interesting volunteer opportunities. It was also nice to work alongside a vintage Ford Major tractor!  And a new skill was learned – using a mattock! A worthwhile session in many ways. I look forward to helping again in the future.”

If you would like to find out more about SOS Frome, please visit www.sosfrome.org.uk. They are currently welcoming new volunteers, so if you would like to be involved with their next project, please register here.

Do you work with someone deserves to be our Volunteer Of The Month? Please tell us by emailing info@volunteerfrome.org.